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July 03, 2009


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I'm reading that book right now. It's excellent, though I'm identifying with it to an uncomfortable extent. In fact, the main character and I are even the same age (at least at the beginning of the book). One different thing--I'm a fanatical follower of the Redskins, which I suppose would make Exley and I arch-rivals, as he loves the Giants.

Michael Sippey

Damn I hadn't thought about Exley in a long time, and you made me pull it down off the shelf. The first two paragraphs of that book are nearly perfect: the first for including the phrase "foodless, nearly heroic drinking," and the second for ending with the sentence "That the fear of death still owns me is, in its way, a beginning."


Love your commentary, written and TV, but how can you talk about sexual harassment and violence against women with a straight face when you work for Hugh Heffner?

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